Alpha Artists Management LLC is an independent artist management agency representing classically trained singers, conductors and specialized singers whose work encompass opera, concert stage, musical theater and pops. Alpha Artists Management mentors and showcases, presents and represents top performing artists who excel in their craft.

The word alpha implies first, as well as dominance. Its meaning is also one of a financial term whereby companies invest in a product specifically for a high return. As applied here, we envision for companies contracting our roster, artistic value, growth and return. For performing arts organizations whose vision is to elevate, educate and inspire, hiring talent that helps them grow over the long-term is essential. In doing so, companies continually search for exceptional artists who are consistent and secure, and who offer the possibility of return engagements which may attract additional box office revenues, sponsorship and, in some cases, endowments. To this end, Alpha Artists seeks to present valuable artists to companies whose goals include long-term investments, growth and stability.


Now in its 14th year, Alpha Artists has grown into a niche management agency serving vocal artists and conductors globally in their pursuit of excellence in their craft.

Nick Netos, founder, President and CEO of Alpha Artists Management LLC, earned a B.S. in Music from the University of Maine, M.M. in Vocal Performance from Boston University and a Certificate of Arts Administration from New York University. Formerly a classically trained singer, he sang throughout the US and Canada with regional opera companies and also performed in musical theater and film during his career. As an Associate for a London-based artist management company, he was responsible for the start-up of that company’s New York bureau and co-managed the careers of over 70 artists. He is the former Managing Director of Encompass New Music Theater which specialized in contemporary opera as theater. Additionally, he has a combined 13-years corporate experience in financial services with Goldman Sachs & Co. as a Business Analyst; and, as an Associate in Marketing and Communications with JPMorgan Chase and the former Bear Stearns Asset Management group.